Venus as a Poledancer

A crossover between an art show, pagan temple and strip show.

The Art Gallery imageThe Art Gallery imageThe Art Gallery image
The Art galleries consists of two large scale paintings by Magnus Jung-Kopperud of a strip club, each enclosed in the space of a shipping container.

The strip club imageThe strip club image
The interior of a shipping container is transformed into a mini-strip club, and world champion in performing arts, Madame Artemiss-Madeleine Håkansson is doing a strip show every half an hour. 
Magnus Jung-Kopperud is the creator of the project “Venus as a Poledancer” and the artist behind the paintings, sculpture  and installation of the exhibition. He lives and works in Oslo.

About this project.
This is an exibition that explores the female nude-painting in a modern perspective. As a modernist painter with classical training in art, I wanted to adapt the classical nude into something of our own time.  To bring the life painting out of the art school and into a living surrounding, where it has a function. I chose the strip club as a place unique of modern society, and an environment where female nudity has a natural part in a spectacle centered around the visual enjoyment of the female body.  It is an ambience very different from the neutrality of the art class, with an intense atmosphere that characterizes everything and everyone in the room.  At the same time, there are certain similarities with art class, in the arrangement with the dancer in the center surrounded by spectators. 
Magnus Jung-Kopperud image
Madame Artemiss- Madeleine Håkansson is the artist that has created and is performing the strip show of the exhibition. She is a performing artist that reseantly won gold in the World Championship of Performing Arts in 2019. She lives and works in Oslo.

About this project she says:

I love the perspective Magnus takes on the subject of what sexuality is, and what sensual art is, if there is a borderline between the two. I am very happy to take part in the project communicating this perspective to an audience. Where is the borderline between being a prostitute or a madonna, and being a customer or a Don Juan? My ambition in participating in this project is raising awareness about our own limits in this regards.
Madame Artemiss-Madeleine Håkonsson image
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