In this art project we combine the art gallery and the strip club as a means for exploring the boundaries between art and sexuality. What is art, what is sexuality,? Is there a meeting point, or are the two opposing forces.
It consists of two large scale paintings of Poledancer by Magnus Jung-Kopperud and a mini strip club where world champion in performing Arts Madame Artemiss-Madeleine Håkansson is doing a stripshow. Everything is presented inside tree shipping containers.

When combining two very different institutions like the art gallery and the strip club, our goal is to create a unique enviroment where the paintings are part of a total immersive sensory experience. A crossover between an art show, a pagan temple and a strip club, where the environment does not inhibit the experience of the paintings, but rather enhances it. The spectator will enter two art galleries consisting of shipping containers where the paintings are  enjoyed in an enclosed environment, and enter the motiv of the paintings, so to speak, in the mini stripclub of the third container where there is a live stripshow. 
Our first exhibition were held in Oslo September 2019, and we are preparing for a number of exhibitions next summer around Northern Europe.
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